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How to Choose your pricing plan

How to Choose Your Plan

This step-by-step guide gives you the insight you need to choose the best plan for your child:

  1. Use your child’s age to determine the right program level for them. Each price plan includes the appropriate age range.

  2. Decide which course they’d like to join. (Some program levels have only one course but others have a choice of course.)

  3. Decide when you’d like to join the class. This is important because your trial class should be booked as closely as possible to your prospective start date.

  4. Once you’ve chosen a starting date, use this link to book a free trial class. Filter the calendar by the teacher for the right level and right subject - these details are given at the top of the booking calendar page. 

  5. Once the calendar is filtered, select the best date and time and book your free trial class.

  6. After attending your free trial on the booking date, purchase your plan from this page. (prices are in Canadian dollars - CAD)

  7. If you are registering for more than one kid or more than one plan, coupons are available. Please contact admin to get the coupon information. You can use our email, WhatsApp - 14165610374, or chat on this website.

  8. Using the same contact information as step #7, talk to admin in order to schedule your regular classes.

  9. Your child gets to enjoy coding classes from the experts here at SC4K! Let us know what you think, as we’re always using feedback for continuous improvement.