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Project 4: Science “Parts of the Plant”

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This is a science project with animation. The first screen will display the heading and the next button. When the user clicks on the next button second screen will display. On the second screen, each part of the plant displayed one by one. There will be a voice explaining each part and its function.


You should be familiar with coding blocks, backdrops, and sprites

1. Add/change new backdrops

2. Add/change new sprites

3. Familiar with looks blocks, Events blocks, Control blocks, Text to speech blocks

Step 1: Imagine the project

This is only a sample. You can imagine different ways for the same project. The skyto is the limit to your imagination.

Step 2: Design the project

For this animation project, we are going to use backdrops, sprites, and code blocks.

1. Decide the backdrops you want to have it. In our case, we have 2 backdrops

2. Decide the sprites you want to have it. In our case 8 sprites

3. Decide what are the main animations you want to do it. In our case changing backdrops, changing color effects for sprites, applying mosaic effects, and text to speech

4. How you control the screen changes. In our case, we are using internal broadcast to control.

5. Decide what blocks you want to use. In our case Looks blocks, Events blocks, control blocks, and text-to-speech blocks

Step 3: Prepare coding cards

For this please refer to the scratch site - to get an idea.

Step 4: Start to develop the code

Step 4.1: Go to and sign in with your username and password.

Step 4.2: Click on create and go to the scratch editor

Step 4.3: Give the name of the project

Step 4.4: By default, the cat is the sprite. Select that and delete it.

Step 4.5: Add backdrop using upload backdrop. Find a suitable image and save it on your local device and then use the upload backdrop to upload the image.

Step 4.6: Write the below code to the backdrop.

Step 4.7: Add your own sprite using the paint option

This sprite is just text like below

Step 4.8: Add the below code to the above sprite.

Step 4.9: Add another sprite using paint. This also only letters

Step 4.10: Add the below code for the above sprite

Step 4.11: Add a new sprite using the upload sprite. This is a picture of a plant.

Step 4.12: Add the below code to the above sprite.

Step 4.13: Add a new sprite using paint.

Step 4.14: Add the below code to the above sprite

Step 4.15: Add new sprite using paint as below

Step 4.16: Add the below code to the above sprite

Step 4.17: Repeat steps 4.15 and 4.16 for each part of the plant (Leaf, Flower, and Fruit)


You can remix this project and make your own.

Scratch Link

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