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Tech Titan Trophy Night 2024
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GenZ CanHack 2024
Hackathon for High School Children


Welcome to GenZ CanHack, where high school students aged 14 to 19 are invited to showcase their coding prowess! As we gear up for the Tech Titans Trophy Night 2024, our aim is to engage young minds in a thrilling hackathon experience. Recognizing the demands of academic exams, particularly for Grade 12 students, we've scheduled this event for July, post the exam season that extends till June 30th. GenZ CanHack 2024 isn't just any coding competition; it's an opportunity for Canadian youth, born between 2004 and 2010, to unleash their creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovation in a collaborative environment. We're excited to witness teamwork and ingenuity as participants tackle challenges and push boundaries. To all our participants, we wish you the best of luck!



The prerequisites for participating in GenZ CanHack 2024 are as follows:

1. Residency Requirement:
   - Participants must be residents of Canada.

2. Age Range:
   - Individuals aged between 16 to 19 years are eligible to participate.

3. Independent Learning:
   - Participants should be self-learners, as no coaching will be provided during the competition.

4. Equipment:
   - Each participant should bring their own computer and a code editor.

5. Acceptance of Terms:
   - Agreement to abide by the terms and conditions set forth by our coding club is mandatory.

6. Rule Adherence:
   - Participants should be able to follow the rules and guidelines provided for the hackathon.

7. Creativity and Problem-Solving Skills:
   - A prerequisite is possessing good creative and problem-solving abilities, crucial for navigating the challenges of the Hackathon.

Pupil Using Laptop

What is Theme and Why we need Theme

Both SC4K and Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club share a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our collective mission is to instill awareness in children as young as 4 years old and channel their innovative ideas and volunteer efforts toward the preservation of our planet.

The theme for GenZ CanHack 2024 is Energy Savings. 

Please visit the below URLs for further details



Climate Protest

When is the Application Deadline

The deadline for applications is May 31st. All teams intending to participate in the Hackathon must submit their applications on or before this date. Each team should consist of three students and must provide a team name when filling out the application form. All required details must be completed in the application form.

Additionally, there will be few meetings regarding the hackathon in the first week of July. These meetings will provide further information and guidance to participating teams.

Therapy Session

Hackathon Rubric: Energy Savings for Generation Z


  1. Innovation (25 points):

    • Novelty of the solution: Does the project offer a unique approach to energy conservation or efficiency?

    • Creativity in addressing energy-saving challenges: How original and inventive is the solution?

  2. Technical Complexity (20 points):

    • Complexity of implementation: Does the project involve advanced technical concepts or integration of multiple technologies?

    • Use of relevant tools and technologies: Is the project built using appropriate coding languages, frameworks, or hardware components?

  3. Impact and Sustainability (20 points):

    • Potential for energy savings: How significant is the projected impact of the solution on reducing energy consumption or promoting sustainability?

    • Scalability and long-term viability: Can the solution be scaled up to reach a larger audience or sustained over time?

  4. User Experience (15 points):

    • Ease of use: Is the project intuitive and user-friendly, especially for Generation Z users?

    • Accessibility: Does the solution cater to diverse user needs and preferences?

  5. Presentation Quality (10 points):

    • Clarity and organization: Is the presentation clear, well-structured, and effectively communicates the key concepts?

    • Engaging delivery: Does the team effectively engage the audience and convey enthusiasm for their project?

  6. Teamwork and Collaboration (10 points):

    • Collaboration dynamics: How effectively did team members collaborate and leverage each other's strengths?

    • Contributions of team members: Did all team members actively contribute to the project's development?


  • 5 points: The project demonstrates exceptional innovation, technical complexity, and potential impact. The presentation is clear, engaging, and well-organized. Team members exhibit strong collaboration and contribute significantly to the project's success.

  • 4 points: The project shows solid innovation and technical implementation, with a clear potential for impact. The presentation effectively communicates key ideas but may lack some polish or engagement. Team members collaborate well but may have minor areas for improvement.

  • 3 points: The project meets basic requirements and demonstrates some innovation and technical competency. The presentation is adequate but lacks clarity or engagement. Team members work together adequately but may have limited collaboration or contribution from all members.

  • 2 points: The project falls short in innovation, technical complexity, or impact. The presentation is unclear or poorly organized, making it difficult to understand the project's significance. Team members show little collaboration or contribution to the project.

  • 1 point: The project lacks innovation, technical complexity, or impact. The presentation is confusing or unstructured. Team members demonstrate minimal collaboration or contribution to the project.


Who will Judge

Please find the below link 


Reviewing Legal Agreement

When is the Hackathon

The hackathon is scheduled for Wednesday, July 10th, 2024, running from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. We kindly request all participants to arrive promptly at the designated venue on Wednesday, July 10th, 2024, no later than 10:00 am. The event will kick off at 10:00 am with an introduction and a thorough explanation of the rules. The countdown will commence precisely at 10:30 am and will continue until 1:00 pm. At 1:00 pm, participants will break for lunch and are expected to return by 1:30 pm to resume their work until 4:30 pm. A tea break will be provided at 5:00 pm, and participants should reconvene at 5:00 pm to begin their presentations in front of three professionals from high-tech companies. All work must be completed before 4:30 pm, as presentations will commence after 5:00 pm.

Participants are welcome to take a bio break at any time during their stay.

Image by Marvin Meyer

What You Will Get

We understand that every participant is eager to discover what awaits them in this competition!

Winning Team - CAD 500 and a Trophy

All the participants of GenZ CanHack will receive the certificate. 

The "Tech Titan Trophy Night 2024" is an esteemed awarding ceremony meticulously organized by the "Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club." It is scheduled to take place on Monday, August 12th, 2024, at the Chinese Cultural Centre - PC Ho Theatre, commencing from 4:00 pm until 10:00 pm.

To RSVP please go to the link below, 


Gaming Team in Navy

The Rules

The criteria that may lead to disqualification include:

1. Plagiarism:
   - Copying others' ideas or replicating projects from Google without due acknowledgment, highlighting the importance of respecting intellectual property.

2. Copyright Compliance:
   - Utilizing images without proper copyrights, emphasizing the need for participants to ensure they have the appropriate permissions.

3. Rule Adherence:
   - Failure to adhere to the rules stipulated by Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club.

4. Non-Acceptance of Terms:
   - Disagreement with the terms and conditions outlined by the coding club.

5. Late Submission:
   - Projects not submitted on or before the specified deadline date.

Sign Up

Where the hackathon happening

After May 31st, once we confirm the headcount of participants, we will proceed to finalize the venue and inform all teams accordingly. The venue will be determined based on the locations of the maximum number of applicants, with options including Scarborough, Markham, or Brampton. The venue will either be in the high school auditorium or a multi-purpose room in a community center, ensuring a suitable space for the event.

Business Office Meeting

How to get 5 bonus points

Here are some energy-saving ideas you can implement during the hackathon:


1. Power Management Settings: Set computers, monitors, and other electronic devices to power-saving modes when not in use. Encourage participants to turn off or unplug devices during breaks or when they're not actively working.


2. Energy-Efficient Equipment: Choose energy-efficient laptops, computers, and peripherals for the hackathon. Look for devices with ENERGY STAR certification or low-power consumption ratings.


3. Digital Communication: Minimize the use of printed materials by providing digital resources, instructions, and communication channels. Use email, messaging apps, and online collaboration tools to share information and updates.


4. Reusable Utensils and Water Bottles: Provide reusable utensils, cups, and water bottles to reduce waste from disposable items. Encourage participants to bring their own reusable containers for food and drinks.


5. Green Catering Options: Choose catering options that prioritize locally sourced, seasonal, and sustainable food choices. Minimize food waste by planning portion sizes and offering composting or recycling bins.


6. Transportation Alternatives: Promote carpooling, public transportation, biking, or walking as eco-friendly transportation options for participants traveling to the hackathon venue. Provide information on public transit routes and bike racks.

Family Bike Ride

GenZ CanHack Application Deadline

Please fill the form and submit to register for hackathon

Thanks for submitting! All the very best!

We are delighted to present the esteemed supporters of this event. If you wish to contribute or become a part of this initiative, please feel free to reach out to us at Your support is highly valued, and we look forward to the possibility of working together to make this event a resounding success.

You have several options to contribute and make a difference with us. You can reserve a booth, sponsor the event, make a donation, or volunteer your time and skills. Together, let's change the world for the better.

1. Booth Rental Prices for the Hackathon and Awarding Ceremony:
   - Small table (6x2): $500
   - Large table (12x2): $750

2. Donation Options:
   - Donate any amount between $250 to $500.

3. Sponsorship Levels:
   - Sponsorship ranges from $1000 to $30,000.

4. Volunteer Opportunities:
   - You can volunteer for various roles, including evaluating projects, judging the Hackathon, assisting with event planning, and helping at the Awarding Ceremony, among other tasks.

Why Sponsor Us?

1. Enhance Your Brand Visibility: Gain exposure through our comprehensive promotional efforts across social media, website, flyers, banners, and more, offering a prime opportunity to elevate your brand's presence.

2. Direct Interaction with Prospects: Secure a booth and establish a physical presence at our events, allowing you to directly engage with prospects, fostering meaningful connections and potential partnerships.

3. Networking Opportunities: Connect with a diverse range of business professionals and esteemed political VIPs, facilitating valuable networking opportunities that can lead to mutually beneficial collaborations and insights.

4. Promote Community Engagement: Contribute to your community and make a positive impact, particularly for the younger generation, by supporting initiatives aimed at fostering innovation and skill development among children. It's a prestigious opportunity to give back and leave a lasting legacy.

Title Sponsor - GenZ CanHack 

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