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Get to Know Us

Welcome to SC4K – Shaping Futures, Empowering Minds!

In 2021, we embarked on a journey to ignite the spark of coding in young minds. What began with just five students in an online Scratch 3 block-based coding class soon evolved into a thriving community of learners. Realizing the demand for text-based languages, we expanded our curriculum to include Python, Javascript, HTML, CSS, and Java, marking the first steps of our rapid growth.

As we soared to new heights, our SC4K family burgeoned to encompass approximately 300 active students, leaving a footprint on the lives of over 500 young minds. In 2022, we took a giant leap by establishing the "Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club," a beacon of community engagement, physical well-being, and innovation. Recognizing its profound impact, the club attained the esteemed status of a not-for-profit organization.

The pivotal year of 2023 witnessed the dawn of in-person classes in September, bringing the joy of learning to a tangible setting. Embracing the spirit of continuous education, we introduced programs tailored for adults, fostering a holistic learning environment.

Winter 2023 marked another milestone as we introduced professional training for university fresh graduates, guiding them on the path to swift success in the IT job market. Today, the SC4K family stands as a testament to growth, resilience, and achievement, proudly reflecting the collective efforts of our dedicated staff and supportive parents.

We express our heartfelt gratitude to everyone who has been a part of this incredible journey. Join us as we continue to shape futures and empower minds at SC4K!

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