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Professional Trainings

We offer professional training programs tailored for adults aspiring to pursue a career in IT. Our trainers boast over 15 years of experience in the industry, having worked with major players such as Canada's leading financial institutions, telecommunication giants, healthcare sectors, and other key players in the IT industry. Our comprehensive programs cover the following areas:

Software Quality Assurance Training,

Test Automation Training

Software Development Training,

DevOps Training,

Process Management,

Resume Writing, and Mock Interviews.

Why Opt for Us Instead of Other Professional Trainers?

1. Extensive Real-World Experience:
   - Our trainers boast over 15 years of hands-on experience in real IT environments in Toronto, Canada.

2. Simulated IT Work Environment:
   - We recreate a class environment mirroring the dynamics of a genuine IT working environment, ensuring a practical and immersive learning experience.


3. Holistic Learning Approach:
   - Beyond technical skills, our courses emphasize crucial aspects such as teamwork, brainstorming, process understanding, and participation in activities like demos and retrospective meetings.


4. Qualified Trainers:
   - All our trainers hold BSc Computer Science degrees, underlining their academic proficiency and expertise in the field.

Choose us for a comprehensive and practical IT training experience that goes beyond the conventional, setting you up for success in the dynamic world of Information Technology.


This includes

Manual software Testing

Certification trainings (CSTE, CSQE and more)


This focus on

API Test Automation with REST Assured

Web Application Test Automation with Selenium Webdriver 

Mobile App Test Automation with Appium


This focus on

Full Stack Development

SQL and Relational Database

Python Programing

Develop and Deploy Process


This focus on

Software Development Life Cycle

Agile Process

Jira Task Management

Task Estimation

Demo and Presentation


This focus on

Development and IT Operations

Version Control

Deployment Automation 

Cloud Service


This focus on

How to write your resume stands out

Review and Correct Resume

Mock Interview

How to Apply for Openings

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