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Nature Reserve

Environmental Sustainability

Both SC4K and Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club share a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our collective mission is to instill awareness in children as young as 4 years old and channel their innovative ideas and volunteer efforts toward the preservation of our planet.

Within our curriculum, we have seamlessly integrated environmental science into every project. For instance, our students engage in developing games that highlight the impact of climate change on polar bears and the melting snow in the North or South Poles. Additionally, we explore animated stories addressing the realities of wildfires, shedding light on the importance of environmental consciousness. Moreover, our students actively participate in volunteer jobs focused on green projects, further emphasizing our dedication to nurturing environmentally responsible young minds.

Planet Made of Plastic

Our Focus

Scratch Jr

Use Scratch Jr for 4 to 7 years kids to develop stories and animations on environmental sustainability

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