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Projects 2024

Coders' Coliseum 2024

We are thrilled to share the exciting news that our inaugural nationwide coding competition, Coders' Coliseum 2024, is open. Organized by Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club, this event is open to all children residing in Canada, aged 4 to 18 years, and the best part – it's free! 

Why we do this?

1. Promoting Early Coding Education
2. Recognizing and Encouraging Excellence
3. Advancing Coding Knowledge

4. Enhancing Teamwork and Collaboration
5. Developing Presentation Skills

6. Respecting Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness

7. Promote awareness regarding the significance of introducing coding at an early age

8. Educate parents about the possibility of commencing coding education as early as the age of 4

Coders' Coliseum 2024

Coders Colesium (Instagram Post).png

Tech Titans Trophy Night 2024

The "Tech Titans Trophy Night 2024" is an awarding ceremony orchestrated by the "Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club," designed to celebrate and inspire the young minds who participated and triumphed in the "Coders' Coliseum 2024" and "GenZ CanHack 2024".

Tech Titans Trophy Night 2024

Tech Titans Trophy Night 2024.png

Encourage Physical Activities

The primary challenge faced by parents of high school children is the need to diminish screen time while fostering increased engagement in physical activities within a natural environment. Responding to these concerns, we have taken the initiative to motivate children to participate in physical activities during their leisure hours. This approach aims to enhance their teamwork, leadership skills, self-learning, and self-discipline. Additionally, we conduct monthly meetings with our coding club members to assess their progress. During these sessions, they have the opportunity to form teams and engage in sports such as basketball, soccer, or badminton.visitors understand the context of your work. Click on "Edit Text" or double click on the text box to start.

Playing Basketball

Innovation and Invention

while both innovation and invention involve the introduction of something new, innovation often builds upon existing concepts, seeking improvement or optimization, whereas invention entails the creation of entirely novel ideas or products. Both processes are essential drivers of progress, contributing to the evolution of industries, technologies, and society as a whole.


  • Often builds upon existing ideas or technologies.

  • Focuses on improving efficiency, effectiveness, or user experience.

  • Can involve incremental changes or radical breakthroughs.

  • Driven by a desire for improvement and adaptation to evolving needs.

  • Can occur in various fields, including technology, business, and social sectors.

Light Bulb

GenZ CanHack 2024

Welcome to GenZ CanHack, where high school students aged 14 to 19 are invited to showcase their innovative coding prowess! and the best part – it's free! As we gear up for the Tech Titans Trophy Night 2024, our aim is to engage young minds in a thrilling hackathon experience. Recognizing the demands of academic exams, particularly for Grade 12 students, we've scheduled this event for July, post the exam season that extends till June 30th. GenZ CanHack 2024 isn't just any coding competition; it's an opportunity for Canadian youth, born between 2005 and 2010, to unleash their creativity, problem-solving skills, and innovation in a collaborative environment. We're excited to witness teamwork and ingenuity as participants tackle challenges and push boundaries. To all our participants, we wish you the best of luck!

Winning Team will receive $500

GenZ CanHack 2024

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Environmental Sustainability Awareness

Both SC4K and Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club share a commitment to environmental sustainability. Our collective mission is to instill awareness in children as young as 4 years old and channel their innovative ideas and volunteer efforts toward the preservation of our planet.

Within our curriculum, we have seamlessly integrated environmental science into every project. For instance, our students engage in developing games that highlight the impact of climate change on polar bears and the melting snow in the North or South Poles. Additionally, we explore animated stories addressing the realities of wildfires, shedding light on the importance of environmental consciousness. Moreover, our students actively participate in volunteer jobs focused on green projects, further emphasizing our dedication to nurturing environmentally responsible young minds.

Sustainable Energy

Raise Awareness among Parents

Proficiency in coding is crucial for the upcoming generation to secure employment and thrive in the era of artificial intelligence. While many parents believe coding is a skill primarily acquired at the university level, perceiving it as less crucial during school years compared to subjects like Math and Science, the reality is that early exposure to coding provides invaluable skills for future success.

Our coding club members employ diverse techniques to raise awareness among parents about coding. This includes conducting live demonstrations at public events, creating engaging videos shared across various social media platforms, and designing and distributing informative flyers and posters in public spaces.

Couple with Kids

Free IT education for unprivileged children

Our mission is to make education accessible to everyone. Through our program, anyone can sponsor a child, and we will facilitate classes for that child. This initiative aims to provide educational benefits to underprivileged kids, fostering diversity and inclusiveness by giving opportunities to children from all communities.

Our goal is to encourage children to learn, enhance their confidence, and equip them for future opportunities in the era of artificial intelligence. By promoting education as a universal right, we believe in creating a pathway for every child to unlock their full potential, regardless of their background or circumstances. Together, let's build a brighter and more inclusive future through education.

Learning with Tablets
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