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Tiny Coders

4 to 6 years kids

Hello, Tiny Coders! Welcome to the SC4K family, where we invite you to embark on an exciting coding adventure. Our Tiny Coders program is tailored for kids aged 4 to 6 years old. Get ready to dive into the world of coding through block-based programming, where you'll create games, animations, and stories.

At this level, you'll explore various courses from A to D, each offering a unique learning experience. Along the way, you'll gain a basic understanding of robotics and AI, setting the foundation for your journey into the digital realm.

Get ready to unleash your creativity and curiosity as you take your first steps into the captivating world of coding! Welcome aboard!

Indoor Climbing Wall

CS Fundamentals

Embark on a delightful learning adventure for your little ones aged 4 to 6 with our engaging approach using the curriculum. Tailored to cater to individual learning levels, our CS Fundamental program spans from Course A to Course D.


Key Features:

- Block-Based Coding: 

Children will explore the fundamentals of coding through an interactive block-based system, where they can easily drag and drop blocks to compose code.

- Coding Concepts: 

Dive into coding concepts such as sequence coding, parallel coding, looping, conditions, events, debugging, and testing in a user-friendly manner.

- Creative Exploration: 

Through this coding language, kids will unleash their creativity by developing games, crafting stories, organizing dance parties, and more.

Educational Benefits:

- Logical Thinking:

Enhance logical thinking skills in a playful and engaging environment.

- Cognitive Skills: 

Foster cognitive development through hands-on coding activities.

- Teamwork and Collaboration: 

Encourage teamwork and collaboration as children work together on coding projects.

- Creativity and Critical Thinking: 

Stimulate creativity and critical thinking by empowering kids to create their own digital worlds.

- Resilience and Self-Confidence: 

Cultivate resilience and self-confidence as children overcome coding challenges and celebrate achievements.

Choosing to introduce coding to your 4-year-old is a commendable step towards providing a solid educational foundation. Wishing your child a joyful and successful coding journey ahead!

Scratch Jr

Embarking on a creative journey, we also introduce Scratch Jr alongside to provide your young learners with a space to explore and express their ideas independently. Scratch Jr offers a lightweight platform, allowing the little coders the freedom to unleash their creativity, express their feelings, and delve into the realms of their imaginative worlds.

Key Features:

- Freedom to Explore:

Scratch Jr encourages autonomy, enabling young coders to explore and experiment with their own ideas.


- Creative Expression:

The platform serves as a canvas for children to express their thoughts, emotions, and imaginative creations.


- Minimal Guiding:

While we introduce Scratch Jr as part of our program, we adopt a light-touch approach, allowing children to navigate and learn at their own pace.


- Introduction:

We familiarize young learners with Scratch Jr, introducing them to the basics and igniting their curiosity.

- Home Learning:

Given its lightweight nature, Scratch Jr serves as a tool for home learning, empowering children to delve into coding independently.


- Independence:

Through Scratch Jr, children develop a sense of independence and confidence in exploring the coding realm.

-Unleashed Creativity:

The platform acts as a catalyst for unleashing creativity, encouraging children to experiment with their own unique coding projects.

While Scratch Jr is lightly integrated into our program, it stands as a powerful tool for fostering self-directed learning and creative expression in our young coding enthusiasts.

Computer Class
Building Robot


Dive into the world of robotics coding with our engaging Sphero robotics sessions tailored for kids aged 4 to 6 years. In this interactive and dynamic learning experience, children are introduced to the fundamental concepts of robotics through hands-on activities.

Key Highlights:

- Drawing Shapes:

Using the Sphero robot, children can draw various shapes, fostering a fun and interactive approach to learning the basics of robotics coding.

- Engaging Activities:

The sessions are designed to capture the attention of young minds, keeping them focused and enthralled by the playful nature of the lessons.

- Trending Technology:

Children delve into the exciting realm of robotics, gaining exposure to one of the most trending technologies in today's world.


- Interactive Learning:

Sphero robotics provides an interactive platform, allowing children to actively participate in shaping their learning experience.

- Fun and Playful:

The sessions are crafted to be enjoyable and playful, ensuring that children not only grasp the concepts but also relish the learning journey.

- Pride and Confidence:

By mastering the basics of robotics, children develop a sense of pride and confidence, proudly proclaiming their newfound knowledge in robotics.

Encourage Your Child's Learning Journey:

Give your child the opportunity to experience the joy of learning robotics in a playful and enjoyable setting. Join us as we make the world of robotics come alive for our young learners, fostering a foundation for future technological exploration.

Artificial Intelligence

Embark on an early exploration of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with our specialized Hour of Code sessions designed for children aged 4. During their Level Jr curriculum, we allocate a total of 5 engaging hours to delve into the fundamental concepts of AI, including the intriguing realm of machine learning.

AI Learning Journey Highlights:

- Basic AI Concepts:

Our curriculum introduces the basic principles of AI, providing young minds with a foundation in understanding this cutting-edge technology.

- Machine Learning Introduction:

Children discover the wonders of machine learning, unraveling the process of how machines can learn. They engage in exercises that involve teaching the machine and witnessing its ability to perform tasks independently after learning.

-Interactive Learning Experience:

The sessions are crafted to be interactive, ensuring that children actively participate in the learning journey, fostering a sense of curiosity and excitement.

Key Benefits:

- Early Exposure to AI:

Introducing AI concepts at an early age lays the groundwork for a future understanding of this transformative technology.

-Hands-On Exercises:

Through hands-on exercises, children grasp the concept of teaching machines and witness firsthand how machines can autonomously perform tasks.

-Curiosity and Excitement:

Our AI learning journey sparks curiosity and excitement, instilling a sense of wonder about the capabilities of modern technology.

Encourage Your Child's AI Exploration:

Ignite your child's curiosity about Artificial Intelligence and machine learning. Join us in providing them with a playful and enriching introduction to these cutting-edge technologies, setting the stage for a future filled with technological exploration.

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Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club

The "Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club" was established with a noble mission as a not-for-profit organization, dedicated to enhancing our children's extracurricular experiences. Our primary focus revolves around three pivotal pillars: Innovation and Invention, Physical Activities, and Volunteer Work.

The overarching goal of our club is to seamlessly integrate coding skills into initiatives aimed at addressing pressing environmental concerns, including climate change, responsible consumerism, garbage removal, water conservation, energy efficiency, and more.

Through our club, we aspire to nurture a generation that is not only proficient in coding but also champions responsibility and love for nature within our community.

For further details please go to our "Coding Club" menu

Free Events Around the Year

SC4K and the Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club collaborate to organize various free events throughout the year, catering to the diverse needs and interests of children.


These events include:

1. Coders' Coliseum:

A coding competition designed for children aged 4 to 18, fostering a spirit of friendly competition and showcasing their coding skills.

2. Awarding Ceremony:

An annual event aimed at recognizing and encouraging the kids, providing a platform to celebrate their achievements and performances in front of a vast audience.

3. Summer Fun:

A delightful event held in a park, encouraging children to engage with nature and promoting their interest in physical activities.

4. Fun Fest:

A festive gathering during the holiday season in December, hosted at an indoor play place. This event facilitates in-person interactions among parents and children from our club and coding classes.

These collaborative initiatives aim to create a vibrant community, offering diverse opportunities for learning, recognition, and social engagement.

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