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Project 8: Social studies “Game on our Responsibilities During Covid 19 Pandemic”

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This project is a game, that allows the user to match the objects given. There are 8 objects given. Out of eight 4 will match the other four. If the user matches correctly, the system will say correctly. If the user matches wrong, the system will say wrong. To start user has to click on the green flag


You should be familiar with coding blocks, backdrops, and sprites

1. Add/change new backdrops

2. Add/change new sprites

3. Familiar with Events blocks, Control blocks, Text to speech blocks, Sensing blocks, and Motion blocks.

Step 1: Imagine the project

This is only a sample. You can imagine different ways for the same project. The sky is the limit to your imagination.

Step 2: Design the project

For this game project, we are going to use backdrops, sprites, and code blocks.

1. Decide the backdrops you want to have it. In our case, we have 1 backdrop.

2. Decide the sprites you want to have it. In our case 9 sprites.

3. Decide what are the main rules you want to include for this game. In our case correct and wrong will be decided on the matching of the object

4. Decide what blocks you want to use. In our case Events blocks, Control blocks, Text to speech blocks, Sensing blocks, and Motion blocks.

Step 3: Prepare coding cards

For this please refer to the scratch site - to get an idea.

Step 4: Start to develop the code

Step 4.1: Go to and sign in with your username and password.

Step 4.2: Click on create and go to the scratch editor

Step 4.3: Give the name of the project

Step 4.4: By default, the cat is the sprite. Select that and delete it.

Step 4.5: By default, a Blank white screen is a backdrop. Add a new backdrop called “Light” and delete the default one.

Step 4.6: Customize the above Backdrop by adding text in the middle as below.

Step 4.7: Add a new sprite using the upload sprite. Download a face image from and upload it from your local machine.

Step 4.8: Follow step 4.7 to add 6 more sprites as follows. Mask, Hands, Sanitizer, Sick face, Stay home, Please keep 2M distance.

Step 4.9: Add 2 more sprites using the option “Choose a sprite”. There are two sprites called Abby and Avery available in the scratch library

Step 4.10: Add the below code to the first sprite face.

Here we are using if conditions. This is a little advanced for your age but give it a try. How if condition works - if you do something then another event will happen. So, you must give a condition.

Also, we set the draggable mode to draggable. Because the user has to click and drag the sprite to a specific place

Step 4.11: Do the same code for Mask and other sprites but make sure you change the go to X and Y position if touching condition in 2 places according to the sprite you are coding.


You can remix this project and make your own.

Scratch Link

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