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Scratch with "Makey Makey"

What “makey makey” is?

“MaKey MaKey” lets you transform everyday objects into computer interfaces. It's a little USB device you plug into your computer, and you use it to make your own switches that act like keys on the keyboard: Make + Key = MaKey MaKey! It's plug and play.

In brief what ever you see in your day-to-day life, you can turn those to keys.

Design your own controller with everyday materials like playdough or graphite pencils.

Look and feel of “makey makey”

Full pack of “makey makey”

Front view of “makey makey”

Back view of “makey makey”

Where to buy “makey makey”?

You can buy “makey makey” in few places including Amazon.

Conductor or Insulator?

An item that is conductive is a material that allows electrons to flow, while an insulator is a material that does not allow electrons to flow.

You can create a small game to identify what are conductors and what are insulators.

Step 1

Take a blank paper and draw a table with two columns. Label one as conductors and other one as insulators.

Step 2

Collect few things around you. Example Banana, Pencil, Plastic Ruler, Blank paper, Aluminum foil paper, Play dough, yourself.

Step 3

Take your “makey makey” and connect to your computer.

Step 4

Take few alligator clips and connect one end to “makey makey” and other end to things you collected

Step 5

Go to “makey makey” website and open the buzzer app.

Step 6

Check each object and Fill your table weather conductor or insulator

How to create your own control with graphite pencils?


Buy Graphite pencils set from 12B to 2B

Step 1

Take a blank paper

Step 2

Draw thick lines with your graphite pencil. At the beginning we will use 4 keys, so draw 4 thick lines or 4 arrow keys (up, left, right and down)

Step 3

Take the USB code of the “makey makey” and connect one end to “makey makey” and another end to your computer.

Step 4

Take the alligator clips of “makey makey” and attached to each arrow you drew with your graphite pencil. Connect the other end to “makey makey” arrow.

How to integrate with Scratch coding?

Step 1

Go to and create a new project.

Step 2

Add the extension “makey makey”

Step 3

Write the below code.

YouTube Channel

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