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Getting Started

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Writing code in Scratch is fun. But to start writing, we have some prerequisites. We must have access to Scratch and an account to sign in.

How to access Scratch?

To access scratch there are two ways.

1. Recommended one is web-based scratch which you can access through this URL

2. If you want to use offline scratch -

Step 1: Go to the web link in your browser example Chrome

Step 2: Scroll down

Step 3: Choose your OS. My one is windows, so I chose windows.

Step 4: Click on “Direct down” download

Step 5: You can find “Scratch 3.x setup.exe” in the left bottom corner

Step 6: Click on the up arrow and click on “show in folder”

Step 7: Find the “Scratch 3.x setup.exe” in the downloads folder and double click on it.

Step 8: Select “all users” and click on “Install”

Step 9: Your system will ask Do you want to allow this, click “Yes” and let it install and finally click on “Finish”