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Translate Blocks

These blocks translates a string to a different language.

What translate blocks are?

This block translates a string to a different language. There are currently 48 languages available. These blocks are extension blocks. To use this you need internet, because it uses google translate API.

These are reporting blocks and you must use in another block. These are not stack blocks.

Translation blocks have defect, it doesn’t work perfect. The better one is French.

How to use “translate () to one of the given languages” block?

This block allows to translate a string to other available 48 languages. You can use this reporting block with say block or text to speech block.

How to show “language” on the stage?

This reporting block allows to show the language on the stage. Check the check box next to the block to show on the stage and uncheck to remove from the stage.

Also, can use this in the if conditions with operators.

1. Are you bilingual? What are the other languages you can speak or write?

2. Did you ever translate a paragraph in writing or a speech by someone? Take an English story book and translate to any other language you know. Tell us your experience.

3. When you are talking two languages, which one you think difficult? Explain.

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