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About Us

To survive in our rapidly changing world, coding or computer programming language is essential for kids. Scratch Coding for Kids, understands the need for coding skills for kids and designed the curriculum, and customized their online tutoring. All our online classes are live, interactive, and individualized for the kids. We use Zoom for online classes, where students work with tutors via screen-sharing technology and students get feedback and coaching from tutors in real-time. 

The Curriculum we follow for 4 to 12 years kids is "" and "Scratch", which are developed by MIT university (USA) and are very safe for the kids to explore. We follow Scratch educators, CS First, and STEAM for guidance on designing projects and classwork. Kids ages 10 to 13 can explore 3D game development as well. The big kids from 13 to 18 years have more choices like Python, Photoshop, Web designing, End to end development with JavaScript, and Java. 

We teach not only coding but also electronics, robotics, and STEM for kids ages 7 to 12 years. All our classes are students driven hands on project works. We use "makey makey", micro:bit, Lego boost and lot more. Each of our session teaches teamwork, project management, critical thinking, creativity, invention, self confident, collaboration, presentation, empowerment, and a lot more. 

Pupil Using Laptop

Vida Waran

Hello world, This is Vida, founder, and a teacher at SC4K. I hold a BSc in Computer Science and have 15 years of IT experience, wearing different hats such as Quality Engineer, Developer, Quality Analyst, QA Lead, Automation Lead, and Consultant.

I enjoy my job as a tutor, teacher, mentor, and guide for children, who are the future of the world’s economy. It’s a huge responsibility to help shape their future, not only in their coding knowledge but also in their ability to survive in the competitive world.

We teach children from age four how to face the IT world of the future. We teach logical thinking, the ability to learn by themselves with minimum help, teamwork, collaboration, the ability to present their work in front of others, positive thinking, respect for other team members' ideas and thoughts, listening to other presentations, and asking questions, can-do attitude, and a lot more.

We believe every child in the world should learn to code. I hope we will achieve this goal soon. It's a great pleasure for me to work with the future generation. Thank you, our customers, and prospects, for trusting us to teach your children coding.


The Group Classes


Available Group Classes

  • We provide online coding classes for kids ages 4 to 18 years. 

  • We have 6 levels from level Jr to level 5

  • We provide small group classes (Max 5 kids) to teach teamwork, collaboration, and presentation

  • Depends on the age we follow different curriculums 

  • Our Scratch 3 curriculum includes electronics, Robotics, Drawing, Animations and more

  • Our level 5 curriculum includes hackathon preparation, resume writing and interview preparation

  • Level Jr : Ages 4 to 6 - CS Fundamentals, Scratch Jr

  • Level 1: Ages 7 to 8 –  Scratch 3

  • Level 2: Ages 9 to 10 –  Scratch 3

  • Level 3: Ages 11 to 12 – Scratch 3

  • Level 4: Ages 13 to 16 – Python, CS Discoveries, Photoshop

  • Level 5: Ages 15 to 18 – End to End Development, Java

Now enrolling new students! It's an exciting news. Isn't it?  Want to follow online classes with Scratch Coding for Kids?

The Workbooks

Text books and project workbooks designed by us are available at Amazon in Kindle edition, paperback and hardcover. 

What Happy
Students &
Parents Say

"SC4K has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. Vida's class has helped improve her cognitive skills in Logical reasoning, memorization, and problem-solving in math and coding. She really looks forward to every class as she loves to create computer animations and stories. The teachers are very patient and very knowledgeable, and most importantly very welcoming to all the kids. I will 100% recommend SC4K to my friends who are parents and all other parents as it is an amazing class that kids will enjoy and learn with amazing results."

Mr & Mrs Mohideen

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