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Scratch Coding for Kids
Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club

Coding Educator for Kids and Adults

Coding Club to Serve the Community 


About Us

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SC4K places a strong emphasis on both our community and the environment. As part of this effort, we have established a coding club named "Kids for Kids" with a focus on three main areas: "Innovation and Invention," "Volunteer Jobs," and "Physical Activities and Team Building."

In the realm of "Innovation and Invention," we encourage our children to explore their creativity and come up with fresh ideas. We guide them in analyzing the feasibility of their concepts for implementation. Additionally, we foster their imaginative writing skills, allowing them to create books and publish them on platforms like Amazon. Moreover, they produce and publish educational YouTube videos.

Within the domain of "Volunteer Jobs," we have a strong commitment to serving our community and protecting the environment. Our students conduct free demos for other kids to raise awareness about the significance of coding in the future job market. They also offer complimentary coding classes to underprivileged children in our community, helping them access valuable knowledge and skills. Furthermore, our students actively contribute to the development of software solutions aimed at environmental protection.


At SC4K, we believe in nurturing the potential of our children while fostering a sense of responsibility and engagement with the world around them. Through "Kids for Kids," we strive to create a positive impact on both our community and the planet.

In today's rapidly changing world, computer programming skills are essential for children to achieve a stable future. At Scratch Coding for Kids, we recognize the importance of these skills and have created a specialized curriculum and in-person & online tutoring program for children of all ages.

Our online classes are live, interactive, and personalized for each child. Using Zoom for online classes, students collaborate with one another through screen-sharing technology while receiving real-time feedback and coaching from our experienced tutors.

For children aged 4-12, we utilize "CODE.ORG" and "Scratch," developed by the & Massachusetts Institute of Technology, as our safe and educational platforms. We follow established Scratch educators, CS First, and STEAM curriculum for guidance on designing projects and classwork. Children between the ages of 10 and 13 can also explore 3D game development, while older students aged 13-18 have the option of delving into more complex areas such as Python, Photoshop, Web Design, End-to-end Development with JavaScript, C++ and Java.

At SC4K, we not only teach coding but also offer courses in electronics, robotics, and other STEAM skills for children aged 7-12. All of our classes are student-driven, emphasizing hands-on project work that incorporates physical components such as Makey Makey, Micro:bit, Lego Boost, and more.

Importantly, each class teaches valuable life skills that are applicable to any profession, such as teamwork, project management, critical thinking, creativity, self-confidence, collaboration, and presentation skills. At SC4K, we are dedicated to equipping our youth with the tools and experience necessary to succeed while having fun and fostering a passion for learning.

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"Do you have information on the current global IT job vacancies? There is an overwhelming demand with over a million unfilled positions worldwide, indicating a significant shortage of IT professionals.

Regarding IT job salaries, they typically range from USD 80,000 to 200,000 annually. Why wait? Consider starting your journey in coding and acquiring IT certifications. SC4K is dedicated to assisting both university students and professionals from various backgrounds in mastering the IT field. Our approach goes beyond coding; we focus on preparing you to thrive in the competitive IT job market, helping you stand out and achieve your goals efficiently."

Picture of Founder

Vida Waran

Greetings, world! I am Vida, the founder and teacher of SC4K. With a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and 15 years of diverse IT experience under my belt, I have worn many hats, including Quality Engineer, Developer, Quality Analyst, QA Lead, Automation Lead, and Consultant.

I find great joy in my role as a tutor, teacher, mentor, and guide for children, who represent the future of the world's economy. It is a tremendous responsibility to help shape their future, not only by imparting coding knowledge but also by equipping them with the skills and mindset they need to thrive in a competitive world.

At SC4K, we start teaching children as young as four years old how to navigate the IT world of the future. We instill in them a logical approach to problem-solving, the ability to learn independently with minimal guidance, the importance of teamwork and collaboration, the art of presenting their work with confidence, a positive outlook, respect for their team members' ideas and thoughts, attentive listening, and asking thoughtful questions, a can-do attitude, and much more.

We firmly believe that every child in the world should have the opportunity to learn to code, and we are committed to making that a reality. It is an absolute pleasure to work with the next generation, and we thank our customers and prospects for entrusting us with the important task of teaching your children to code.


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Our Classes

What we do?

Class Levels

  • We offer online and in-person computer coding classes for K to 12 children, University Students, and Adults once a week (4 classes in a month)

  • For K to 12 students programs extend through 6 levels, starting from Level Jr up to Level 5.

  • For k to 12 students we teach Scratch 3,, HatchXR, MIT App Inventor, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, C++, Java, Photoshop

  • University students we teach Python, Javascript, help on their assignments and projects

  • Adults Digital Marketing,DevOps, Python, Java, Web Designing

  • All of our classes take place in small groups (Max 5 kids) to teach teamwork, collaboration, and presentation

  • For k to 12 students we do STEM projects to improve their creativity, critical thinking, problem solving, teamwork, and collaboration. 

​K to 12 Students (4 one hour classes on a month)

  • Level Jr : Ages 4 to 6 - $75/month 

  • Level 1: Ages 7 to 8 –  $75/month 

  • Level 2: Ages 9 to 10 –  $75/month

  • Level 3: Ages 11 to 12 – $80/month 

  • Level 4: Ages 13 to 16 – $80/month 

  • Level 5: Ages 15 to 18 – $100/month

University Students (4 one hour classes on a month)

  • Basic Python - $100/month 

  • Advanced Python - $100/month 

  • End to End Development - $100/month 

  • Resume writing and interview preparation

Adults (4 one hour classes on a month)

  • Digital Marketing - $100/month

  • Python - $100/month

  • Java - $100/month

  • Web Designing (HTML, CSS, Javascript) - $100/month

  • Web Development (End to End Full Stack) - $100/month

  • PhotoShop - $100/month

  • Relational Database and SQL - $100/month

Admission fee in-person $50 and online $25 (one time payment)

Now enrolling new students! Don’t delay- sign up today for a free class to see what we can offer you!

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What Happy
Students &
Parents Say

"SC4K has been a wonderful experience for our daughter. Vida's class has helped improve her cognitive skills in Logical reasoning, memorization, and problem-solving in math and coding. She really looks forward to every class as she loves to create computer animations and stories. The teachers are very patient and very knowledgeable, and most importantly very welcoming to all the kids. I will 100% recommend SC4K to my friends who are parents and all other parents as it is an amazing class that kids will enjoy and learn with amazing results."

Mr & Mrs Mohideen

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Coming Up Next

Our upcoming events for this year 

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Level 4 Students Final Project Presentations

Why Coding


Newest Announcements

I'm pleased to announce that our coding club has successfully registered as a not-for-profit organization under the name "Kids for Kids Toronto Coding Club." This milestone reflects our commitment to providing a valuable and educational experience for young minds in the realm of coding. As a not-for-profit, we look forward to furthering our mission and positively impacting the lives of children in Toronto through the exciting world of coding. Thank you to everyone who contributed to this achievement, and let's continue inspiring the next generation of tech enthusiasts!

Our curriculum now incorporates STEM and AI from the junior level, and we are excited to announce the integration of environmental sustainability concepts as well. We take pride in our ongoing commitment to contribute to both our ecosystem and community, striving to make a positive impact whenever possible.

Our IT training consulting services deliver top-notch training for individuals pursuing careers in the IT sector. With the guidance of our Subject Matter Experts (SMEs), we empower each participant to acquire the necessary skills and navigate their way to success in the competitive job market. We are committed to helping them distinguish themselves, ensuring they stand out in the crowd and confidently excel in interviews.

We're excited to announce that our first national coding competition, "Coders' Coliseum 2024", will be starting from January 2024. Please stay tuned for further details as we prepare to share more information about this exciting event.

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