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Project 1: English Language “Elephant circus story”

Updated: Nov 9, 2022

This project is an animation story. There are three elephants and one ringmaster. The first screen Introduces the story. The second screen shows an elephant circus. On the third screen, there is a conversation between the ringmaster and another visitor. The forth screen moral of the story.


You should be familiar with coding blocks, backdrops, and sprites

1. Add/change new backdrops

2. Add/change new sprites

3. Familiar with looks blocks, event blocks, and control blocks

Step 1: Imagine the project

This is only a sample. You can imagine a different way for the same story. The sky is the limit to your imagination.

Step 2: Design the project

For stories, you can use storyboards to design.

For this story, we are going to use backdrops as well as sprites and code blocks.

1. Decide the backdrops you want to have it. In our case, we have 4 backdrops

2. Decide the sprites you want to have it. In our case 5 sprites

3. Decide what are the main animations you want to do it. In our case changing costumes for elephants and changing backdrops for each scene

4. How you control the screen changes. In our case, we are using the waiting time to control.

5. Decide what blocks you want to use. In our case Looks blocks and control blocks

Step 3: Prepare coding cards

For this please refer to the scratch site - to get an idea.

Step 4: Start to develop the code

Step 4.1: Go to and sign in with your username and password.

Step 4.2: Click on create and go to the scratch editor

Step 4.3: Give the name of the project

Step 4.4: By default, the cat is the sprite. Select that and delete it.

Step 4.4: By default, white color is the backdrop, add a new backdrop spotlight and then delete the default one.

Step 4.5: Customize the backdrop by adding the text below

Step 4.6: Add another backdrop same Spotlight

Step 4.7: Add 3rd backdrop named Woods

Step 4.8: Add the 4th backdrop named spotlight and customize as below. Add text

Step 4.9: Add the first sprite elephant

Step 4.10: Add 2 more elephant sprite

Step 4.11 Download the ringmaster image from google and add using upload from the computer

Step 4.12 Add another sprite called “Abby”

Step 4.13: Write the below code for the backdrop

Step 4.14: Write the below code for each Elephant

Step 15: Write the below code for the ringmaster sprite

Step 16: Test and fine-tune the wait time


You can remix this project and make your own.

Scratch Link

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