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Lego Boost Robot

What “Lego Boost” is?

Lego boost is an educational Lego set allows children to build models with motors and sensors. Using Scratch kids can bring the creation to life through block-based coding. Here we are going to use one model of Lego Boost “Vernie the Robot”.

What are the prerequisites?

To integrate Scratch with Lego Boost, you need Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and Scratch Link. Lego Boost is an extension, and you must add the extension to the block pallet.

How to use “turn motor () for () seconds” block?

This block allows to turn on the motor for given port for given seconds.

Example “turn motor (A) for (2) seconds”

Rotate the Robot right side for 2 seconds

Rotate the Robot Left side for 1 second

Rotate the Robot head for 1 second

Move the Robot forward for 1 second

Move the Robot forward and rotate the head together for 1 second