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How to Share the Project Link

How to share the link of your Scratch or code.og projects (4 to 12 years children)

If you're aged 12 or under and engaged in block-based coding, you can easily showcase your work by sharing the link to your Scratch 3 or projects. To guide you through the process, please refer to the screen recording below, which illustrates how to copy the link and share it on our website.

For those using Scratch 3 for project development, follow these steps once your project is complete:

1. Provide a suitable name for your project and save it.
2. Share the project.
3. Switch to "See Project Page."
4. Scroll down and click on the "Copy Link" button.
5. Once more, click on the copy link button within the popup.
6. Visit to submit your project link.

We look forward to seeing your creative contributions!











How to upload a file with your Python or Java code (13 to 18 years children)

Coming up soon




















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